1. kill, slay, morganize, poison, do to death, liquidate, blot or wipe out, put an end to, get rid of, do away with, put away, put out of the way, silence, dispatch, finish, finish off, do for, fix, settle, lay [s.o.] out, lay [s.o.] low, Inf. put the kibosh on, Inf. nip in the bud; All Sl. off, hit, zap, waste, croak, eighty six, take off, rub out, bump off, knock off, polish off, give [s.o.] the works or the business; All Euph. send west, take for a ride, put [s.o.] out of his misery.
2. shoot, shoot down, riddle, Inf. blow [s.o.'s] brains out, Sl. pump [s.o.] full of lead; club, beat, batter, pound, hammer, brain, blackjack, Sl. knock or beat [s.o.'s] brains out; choke, strangle, throttle, stifle, gar-rote, Sl. scrag; knife, stab, cut [s.o.'s] throat, jugulate, cut, cut down, bayonet, pierce, run through, put to the sword, impale, spear, lance, Euph. let the daylight in; smother, suffocate, asphyxiate, burke; execute, put to death.
3. slaughter, butcher, cut to pieces, hew, hack, hack to pieces, chop, chop to pieces, dismember, draw and quarter, tear limb from limb, disembowel, mutilate, savage, maul, wade in blood, shed or spill blood.
4.(all of character or reputation) injure, abuse, assail, stab, blight, destroy, butcher, slaughter; defame, denigrate, vilify, vilipend, scandalize, run down, speak ill of, speak evil of, revile, malign, gibbet. See defame (def. 2).

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